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Following the Flood Mr. Calanga, a World Relief staff member in Mozambique, has family in Chokwe and has not heard from them for several days. Even with electricity restored in some parts of the city, phone networks are down. Click Here

One Life Changing the World For years, people came to Lloyd Evans, Seattle resident, with questions about paint. What is the best brand? Which color combination works? Eggshell or semi-gloss? Click Here

World AIDS Day 2012 On World AIDS Day, we celebrate those who are making a difference in the fight against AIDS. Click Here

I Can See the Future In a small Maryland town, one little girl gives id="mce_marker"2 through World Relief’s Catalog of Hope to buy a pair of rabbits for someone she may never meet or hear from. Little does she know the life-changing effect that those 12 dollars can have in a boy’s life on the other side of the world. Click Here

Families for Life, India At the core of life in India is the family. From aging parents to newborns, life swirls around millions of family units in India, blessed with deeply held values of respect, love, responsibility, and the importance of nurturing children. Click Here

South Sudan, One Year as a Nation On July 9th, five days after Americans celebrate their independence, South Sudan marks one year as a new nation separate from Sudan, their neighbor to the north. Click Here

Making it Home “Haji Shamun, one of the Somali Bantu, just became an American citizen,” Chantal Ndenga, a World Relief Immigration Specialist in Atlanta, shares joyfully. Click Here

World Refugee Day 2012 As a refugee who has just arrived in America, looking across the airport and seeing someone from World Relief ready to take you home is one of those unforgettable moments where long-deferred hope becomes reality. Click Here

World Relief and Mother's Day In two remote corners of Indonesia, fifty mothers learn how to effectively teach their children to read.  It seems a small thing. Click Here

Snakebites and Peacemaking Joe Johns could never have guessed that a painful snakebite would help him connect with a group of Congolese pastors. But as the American pastor led a peace building session in war-torn Congo – his snakebite-swollen foot raised on a chair – the Congolese pastors listened with gripped attention. Click Here

America's New Abolition Movement Nearly 150 years after slavery was abolished in America, a battle to free America’s new wave of slaves is under way – a movement to eradicate the horror of sex trafficking and the injustice of forced labor. America’s new abolition movement is being led by the Church. Click Here

World TB Day March 24th is a day to remember those who suffer with tuberculosis around the world as well as celebrate our progress in fighting the disease. Because, tuberculosis has taken the lives of millions infected with the TB bacillus, the World Health Organization has declared it a global public health emergency. Click Here

World Water Day: Bringing Change The first thought on celebrating World Water Day may be about access to wells. Yet the reach of water can come as a surprise. The impact of clean water goes beyond being able to satisfy thirst. Click Here

Difficult but not Impossible Bertain can seem almost impossible to access by truck¸ certainly by heavy equipment.  Chosen as one of World Relief’s target communities in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, it is clearly the most vulnerable as well as the most difficult to visit. Click Here

International Women's Day An official holiday in countries such as Uganda and Nepal, International Women’s Day is celebrated every year on March 8.  The UN themed this year as “Empower Women – End Hunger and Poverty” Click Here

Combating Human Trafficking As World Relief’s slogan is to STAND/FOR THE VULNERABLE, we take seriously the missionary call to stand for issues that are close to God’s heart. Click Here

Rebuilding the Walls On January 12, 2010, Haiti suffered devastation from a 40 second earthquake and in subsequent days, frequent aftershocks. Houses, schools and hospitals, government infrastructure and hundreds of thousands of lives were lost. Click here

World Food Day Tonight, according to the World Food Program (WFP), one in seven people will go to bed hungry – more at risk of dying from hunger than AIDS, malaria or tuberculosis. Click here

Update on Japan 5 months have passed, but as world headlines moved on, the ground beneath Japan's main island still shakes as it always has – seeming almost to merge the definition of the terms earthquake and aftershock. Click here

Burundi's Bright Future On June 28, World Relief Burundi (WRB) joined the community of Makamba in song and dance to celebrate the recent completion of two primary schools. Click here

Stranger and Neighbors Imagine stepping off a plane into a strange country where you know absolutely no one. You don’t understand the language or the culture. Click here

Refugee Resettlement What would you do if one morning you woke to destruction and oppression on your doorstep? Click here

South Sudan Update As Southern Sudan prepares for independence, the prospects for a peaceful transition are being threatened... Click here

Intervening in Ivory Coast Once a vibrant and prosperous nation, the Cote D’Ivoire has spent the last decade suffering from the tragedy and loss of civil war. ... Click here

To the Polls: South Sudan Votes World Relief is there every step of the way during the long anticipated vote in South Sudan... Click here

 Carrefour Feuille: A City on A Hill Walking up the path to Assemblies Eglises Chretienne (Assemby Christian Church)... Click here

The Bertain Well: Difficult but not Impossible World Relief is there every step of the way during the long anticipated vote in South Sudan... Click here

Making an Impact Locally When Chris and his wife dreamed about becoming missionaries…they had a pretty traditional idea what that would look like... Click here

Churches Offer Healing in Congo Eastern Congo has been called one of the most dangerous places on earth to be a woman... Click here

Haiti's "New Normal" Under torn tarps next to an orphanage, some of Haiti's earthquake survivors recall their devastating losses... Click here

INDIA: A Sweet Song Couples in India are learning to put friendship first in their marriage – with the help of an unusual soap opera. Click here.


Fighting TB, Changing Hearts
In rural Mozambique, we’re battling deadly tuberculosis – and seeing hearts changed. Click here.

When Hope Comes
A sweeping movement of transformation brings healing and vitality to Cambodia's poor. Click here to watch.

Haiti Earthquake: The Church’s Finest Hour
Haiti’s cataclysmic earthquake rocked the world – but it could not shake the Church. Click here.

MP3s Join AIDS Fight
Solar-powered MP3 players are breaking down cultural taboos in Papua – giving youth the opportunity to talk openly.  Click here.

The Water Trek
A “walk for water” on two continents binds churches together. Click here for the full story.

Peace in Darfur
Hopes for peace rise in Darfur. Meanwhile, World Relief’s lifesaving work goes on. Click here.

Quenching Haiti’s Thirst
Water shortages continue – but World Relief comes to the aid of quake survivors. Click here.

The Church of Orphans
In Burundi, a local church has adopted more than 100 orphans. Click here.


"It Was Like Having Parents"
Orphaned children feel the love at a camp for vulnerable kids. Click here.

A Story Book Ending
Galina Korotkov, a persecuted Christian, has been on an emotional rollercoaster. Now at last the ride is over. Read her story.

A Woman’s Incredible Strength
AIDS is now the leading cause of death in women ages 15-45, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). World Relief honors three remarkable women living with AIDS. Read more.

Rice Success Helps Mend Marriage
You’ve heard of rice being thrown at a wedding. But what about rice improving a marriage? Click here to read more.

Iraq War Bodyguard Moves to America
A Local church and World Relief help a CNN security consultant in Iraq resettle his family in the US. Read more.

Walking for the Poor
Christians with a heart for the poor take to the walking trails. Read more.

A Party for Prostitutes
World Relief holds a party for girls caught in Cambodia's prostitution rings. Watch the video and read Kerstin Pless's account on her blog.

Praying for Prostitutes
A church in Florida creates a prayer bond with girls in Cambodia's brothels. Read more.

Out of the Shadows
World Relief takes part in White House summit on immigration reform. Read more.

South Sudan: Girls at Risk
Suzy comes from a very poor village in South Sudan. Her parents died in a landmine explosion. Read more.

The Encourager: Thoeun Phan Seang, Child Survival Program Lead Trainer, Cambodia, read more.

Busting Hunger in Burundi
Moms in Burundi challenge each other to come up with the best hunger-busting meal. Click here to see the winning recipe.

Papua’s Youth Cry Out
As AIDS sweeps through their communities, the young Dani tribespeople of Papua’s highlands are especially vulnerable. Click here.

Indonesia: Breaking the Stronghold of Fear
Since way back in time, the people of Nias Island off Sumatra’s west coast have lived in fear of sickness and evil spirits. Can things change? Click here.

Indonesia: A Community Built on Trust
Villagers in Bereneut were suspicious of outsiders. See how the Church has earned their trust. Click here.

From Terror to Hope
Lai Len used to be a slave, ruled by terror. Now he has hope in America. Click here. 

“This is it – America is Our Future”
A family leaves a refugee camp in Nepal for a new life in America.
their eye-opening story.

Hope After The Killing Fields
It’s been 30 years since Cambodia’s horrific genocide. Now hope has replaced fear.
Click here.

Hunger Hits 1 Billion - Hunger now affects 1 in 6 people world wide. What is World Relief doing about it? Click here.

World Relief Heroes
Their quest?  To serve the world’s most vulnerable people. Read their inspiring stories of faith in action.

No Longer ‘Waiting Around To Die’
Joyce Banda lives near the beautiful shores of Lake Malawi.  She’s also HIV-positive and often thinks about her home in heaven.  Read her story.

From Russia with Love
20 years ago, the first refugees from the former USSR arrived in America. Read more. 

Out of Iraq - Iraqi refugees and their families are replanting their lives in America.  Read their amazing stories of courage in the face of persecution. Click here.

In Their Own Words
Teenagers share how their lives have changed - 5 years after World Relief launched Mobilizing for Life to fight AIDS. Read more

"How Do I Go On Without My Wife?"
Innocent's wife was killed by a stray bullet. Now he wonders if the dark clouds of grief will ever lift. Read his heart wrenching story.

WATCH NOW: Tough Economy Hitting Refugees in Seattle (King 5 News)

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