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On November 20,2014, President Obama announced an Executive Order extending new protections to certain undocumented immigrants living in the United States.  Please consult the resources below for more information.

Watch the full speech:

The Deparment of Homeland Security guidance on changes made:

Resources for practitioners Committee for Immigration Reform Implementation: http://www.adminrelief.org



Immigrants are transforming the Church in the United States. In fact, immigrant congregations are growing faster than any other segment of evangelical churches. How does the Church respond to this?

The Immigration Legal Services Techncial Unit ("ILS") of World Relief exists to empower local churches to directly serve immigrants in the context of immigration legal services, and to lead World Relief field offices and evangelical denominations to likewise empower local churches.

ILS leads denominations and churches in discernment of immigrant legal ministry, education surrounding church-based immigrant legal services clinics, training opportunities for church-based clinic sites and staff/volunteers, and programmatic start up and support for these sites. ILS also supports its field offices and works with these experienced direct provider offices to engage the local church and provide guidance and technical support to those interested in offering their own immigrant legal clinics as an embodiment of Christ's Gospel of word and deed.

For questions about any of these opportunities, please contact

For specific information about pursuing a church-based immigrant legal services clinic, click here.

To find a local World Relief office in your area,  click here.


Upcoming 40 Hour Immigration Law Trainings 

Immigrant Ministry Course 

June 1-June 5 | Marion, IN



Date Location Organization/Registration

                      June 1-June 5

                                                      Marion, IN



Wesley Seminary - Indiana Wesleyan University 


*If you would like to receive 3 hours of graduate credit for this training, please click here to register directly with Wesley Seminary




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