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In Miami - where 80 percent of the population is foreign-born or US born minor children of foreign born parents- World Relief and churches are showing refugees the love of Christ through a range of practical programs offering assistance and support. Miami is the 5th poorest large city in the USA but some very wealthy areas cloud the truth and keep the ranking from being much worse.

World Relief's Miami office helps refugees from numerous troubled nations, including Cuba, Haiti, Venezuela, Colombia and Nicaragua - working closely with local churches to help refugees find employment. The goal is rapid self-sufficiency and paying taxes….not on-going public assistance.

World Relief offers education and outreach services to combat the modern day slavery known as Human Trafficking that the poor can easily fall into. It is necessary to teach people how to be alert for and avoid the traps of this great evil. The church is the place to start and enable it to be a light in the community.

World Relief offers a Matched Savings Program for the low income to save with a $2 for $1 match for the down payment towards the purchase of a home or to start a small business. This is a great program to give people a lift out of poverty and start them on their way to the American dream. The church is helping the poor!

In addition our Health Connect program helps low income families without insurance to get needed medical care either free or low-cost.

World Relief is helping many refugees navigate the complex immigration system, eventually leading to naturalization for those wishing to pursue U.S. citizenship.

World Relief and the International Bible Society are partnering on a NLT Spanish “Bible for the Immigrant”.

Contact information:
Miami World Relief Office
2150 SW 8th St., 2nd Floor, Miami, FL 33135
Tel: 305-541-8320
Fax: 305-541-9841
Guillermo Luna, Affiliate Director

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