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A Long-Term Solution to Poverty

In a tiny workshop, Ermite, a mother of two, sews school uniforms. She has expanded her business with the help of a loan from World Relief, hiring two more workers to meet her increased demand. “There’s been a big change in my life,” she says.

When people in America want to set up their own small business, they go to the bank and apply for a loan. In the developing world, banks won’t consider loaning to the very poor.

The world of microfinance opens the door of opportunity for the poor – providing the dignity and satisfaction that comes from working to support one’s family.

World Relief is a leader in the field of non-profit microfinance. Through locally governed microfinance institutions, we give small loans, training and support to hardworking individuals – mostly vulnerable women – ensnared by poverty.

To date, we’ve empowered more than 90,000 individuals to live productive, meaningful lives. Over the years, we’ve seen how initial loans of just $50-$75 can launch an individual on the path to economic self-sufficiency, spurring entrepreneurial ideas.

Microfinance is about much more than just money. It helps create stability at home, teaches individuals how to thrive, and fosters self-respect and community well-being.

Once empowered, men and women are able to support their families for a lifetime – not just a few days or weeks. It’s the difference between a hand up and a handout.


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