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Providing HOPE to Cambodia

The Hope Program provides a holistic response to the challenges facing the poorest people in Cambodia, starting with the children.

Hope is an integrated outreach ministry of World Relief Cambodia that focuses on long-term physical, emotional and spiritual development. Hope's multi-faceted response changes the lives of poor children, teens and adults in Cambodia.

Weekly neighborhood child development meetings teach preventative health crucial to childrens survival in slums and poor villages. Children also receive emotional encouragement and spiritual discipleship. Teens meet in small groups and learn about preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS through sound moral choices. Adults in cell groups encourage others and help the sick and the suffering in their communities. Hope reaches the slums of Phnom Penh as well as towns and villages in four other provinces.

Hope helps improve physical health and provides spiritual guidance, equipping thousands of transformed individuals who impact their families, communities and country through three primary ministries.

Hope for Children
Hope for Cambodia's Children
Hope for Cambodia's Children (HFCC)uses creative songs, drama and puppetry to teach children about preventative health and morality. Tailored to ages 5 to 12, more than 22,000 children attend the meetings every week. Dynamic, interactive lessons bring children laughter while equipping then with the practical knowledge they need to survive in harsh environments. Teaching based on Christian morality is the foundation of HFCC's message. Lessons focus on both physical well-being and spiritual truth, since Cambodians often believe evil spirits cause sickness. This approach helps children to make meaningful changes in their lives. Hope makes a long-term commitment to these children, returning to the same neighborhoods week after week, year after year.

Hope For Teens
Mobilizing Teens For Life
World Relief Cambodia began Mobilizing Teens for Life in 2002 for teenagers ages 12 to 18. The program educates them about HIV/AIDS, a growing epidemic in Cambodia. Taught by peers and young adults, teens learn the facts about HIV/AIDS at their weekly meetings. They find out how to protect themselves by choosing healthy, moral lifestyles. They form small groups of the same gender, and these groups provide them with support and accountability. Mobilizing for Life promotes Biblical sexuality - abstinence before marriage and fidelity in marriage. Teens also take action in their communities, helping those already impacted by the terrible disease. Mobilizing for Life's objectives include helping teens form mentoring relationships with young AIDS orphans. Mobilizing for Life also shows teens how to give basic home care to AIDS patients.

Hope for Adults
Way of Hope
Way of Hope helps organize adults into small cell groups of 10 to 20 people. Way of Hope started in 1997 and has mushroomed since then. Motivated by their common Christian faith, more than 350 cell groups now mobilize to address their communities' needs. Members help feed those who have no food. They visit the sick and share their knowledge about preventative health. They bring compassionate care to AIDS patients isolated from society. Leaders selected by cell groups gather one week a month for training provided by Hope. The training lasts for more than two years. The in-depth seminars equip leaders with the knowledge and skills necessary for increasing their cell group's knowledge and capacity to serve their community. The Way of Hope movement is completely indigenous and volunteer led, with oversight provided by Hope staff.

Real Hope for a Better Future
Hope creates positive cycles to overcome vicious cycles of poverty and despair. HFCC gives children practical skills and spiritual encouragement to live healthy, joyful lives. These same children often go on to become members of Mobilizing Teens for Life or leaders in Way Of Hope adult cell groups. They grow up to be responsible individuals who reach out to their neighborhoods and villages. Some former HFCC children even become Hope staff members, bringing the same teaching that changed their own lives.

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