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Derivaux Lesson is a young entrepreneur from Gressier, Haiti. He has a wife and a seven year-old son. Before the tragic earthquake of January 2010, he used to provide public transportation as a source of income, which allowed him to buy his own car and build houses for his family.

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Hope for Syrian Refugees

According to the UNHCR, the Syrian Refugee Crisis is now one of the largest exoduses in human history, and it is only projected to escalate. As of September 2013, the UNHCR reports that the country’s unabated conflict has displaced over 2.2 million refugees.

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World Relief Burundi

In Burundi, approximately 58 percent of children under the age of 5 suffer from chronic malnutrition. Malnutrition is associated with serious medical issues later in life as well as lower education attainment, lower earnings and more prevalent violence.

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Gift of Hearing - Dupage Aurora   Savings for Life Kenya   A Refugees Final Destination        

The Gift of Hearing

Any refugee entering the United States faces significant obstacles. But for Nar and Dhan Maya Ghorsai, a Bhutanese couple resettled in Aurora, silence proved to be the greatest: deaf for most of their lives, Nar and Dhan were unable to learn English, form deep relationships or pursue success in their new community.

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Savings for Life

The world’s poorest have a tremendous capacity and willingness to save and protect assets when financial institutions cannot serve them. They save to meet social obligations, to prepare for emergencies, to start or expand small businesses and to respond to seasonal changes in cash flow.

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A Refugee's Final Destination

FORT WORTH - When refugees enter the United States, they are still a long way from their “final destination.” Arrival marks the beginning of physical, social, financial, relational and spiritual challenges that threaten this vulnerable population’s ability to be self-sufficient in an unfamiliar culture.

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World Relief Malawi   Mobilizing for Life   Leaving DR Congo Returning to Hope        

World Relief Malawi

In the United States, where about 91 percent of children are covered under some form of health insurance (U.S. Census Bureau, 2011) and have access to health and social services, it can be difficult to acknowledge the stark, contrasting conditions for children in countries like Malawi.

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Mobilizing for Life

When Phan Vitn’s blood test confirmed that she was HIV positive, along with her husband and daughter, she threw away the results and refused to believe it.

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Leaving DR Congo, Returning to Hope

In 2007, the political and ethnic conflict in the DR Congo devastated Dimitrie’s family, and everything changed for her and her two children.

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