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Congos Superhero Moms - Belinda Bauman

Since 1998, more than 6 million people in the Democratic Republic of Congo have lost their lives due to war and unrest. Every 60 seconds, a girl or woman is the victim of sexual assault. Countless families have been displaced from their homes—and each other. Each day, millions live under the threat of violence.

For victims of violence, the local church is the path to peace and restoration. Your church, acting in the way of Jesus, can overcome the horror of injustice. When you stand for the local church in Congo, you become a crucial part of a movement of churches who are bringing comprehensive support to the people who need it most.

“My church would like to deeply engage with the local church in Congo to support the vulnerable. Tell me more!”


“We can’t commit to partnership at this time, but is there anything simple my church can do right now to help?”

Three things to pray for Congo:
1. Pray for Peace: That God would supernaturally bring about peace and stability to Congo.
2. Pray for Women: Who are survivors of sexual assault—that they would be comforted, healed and welcomed back into communities. Also pray that the number of sexual assaults would decrease dramatically.
3. Pray for Churches - To lead their communities towards healing and reconciliation. To draw people to Christ and to each other. To feel God’s presence and leading as they minister in one of the world’s most difficult contexts.

Congo's Superhero Moms
Belinda Bauman - An American mother journeys to a Congolese refugee camps to speak with mothers there about their hopes and dreams for their children and their war-torn country.
Building Peace in the Heart of Darkness
April Burbank - Local Congolese Christians nurture new efforts to end chronic violence as UN adds new brigade.

The Worlds Forgotten War
Lynne Hybels - The deadliest conflict since World War II rages today.

Rebels Drive More Than 60,000 From Congo to Uganda
Associated Press - More than 60,000 residents of the Democratic Republic of Congo have fled to Uganda after a rebel attack on a town near the border, in a continuing influx that is stretching the capacity of humanitarian workers to help the refugees, an aid group said Sunday.

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