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God tells us to welcome the stranger. It’s time to give immigrants a path to citizenship

Graham Aitken, Pastor of Mobilization and Outreach at The Heart in Boone, NC, speaks on his experience as an immigrant coming to the United States as a kid, and why the Evangelical Christian should care for the stranger.

Now a pastor in Boone, North Carolina, Aitken is grateful for his opportunity to become a permanent resident of the U.S. now. However, he recognizes that this is not the case for many immigrants. “In depriving many immigrants of clear pathways to citizenship, we rob immigrants of a chance to belong, and we prevent their communities from experiencing the transformative power of strangers becoming friends.”

The pastor also spoke on the need for this issue to be resolved and met with a Biblical motivation; that should and can involve “both Democratic and Republican U.S. senators and representatives.” Quoting Ephesians 2:19, Aitken also speaks into the Biblical implications of the importance of home and belonging.

To read more of Aitken’s passionate stance on immigration, and the call he believes Evangelical Christians have concerning the matter, see the following article linked.

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