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It’s time to create a compassionate and orderly immigration system by passing the Dignity Act

by Jonathan Perez Bernal //

“The Southern Baptist Convention took a vote that has largely gone unnoticed but is critical to recognize in today’s political climate. Roughly 12,000 Christians nearly unanimously voted to pass a resolution “On Wisely Engaging Immigration” that affirms the importance of both restoring order to the border while also ensuring that migrants and asylum seekers are treated with greater compassion. 

This recent resolution stands in stark contrast to a common mischaracterization that evangelical Christians are hostile to immigrants. The reality is that a significant majority of evangelicals affirm the value and dignity of immigrants and take a nuanced approach to immigration policy, compelled by their faith to value both compassion and order – and leaders in North Carolina and around the country should pay attention. …” Read the full piece at the Biblical Recorder.

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