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As the United States highest resettlement city, Sacramento has become home for over 12,000 refugees and immigrants.

Adjusting to a new life, a different culture, and a foreign language can be very difficult. Creating programs that families can look to for guidance and resources is only a small step in our mission to build welcoming communities.

World Relief Sacramento understands that the journey of an immigrant or refugee doesn’t end upon arrival. Our services are meant to help the youth in our community adjust to their new environments, ask questions, and to help them feel a sense of safety and belonging. Through connection and mutual learning, we can all grow together as a community. Our curriculum focuses on social emotional learning topics that not only teach our students about respect, integrity, and advocacy, but also ensure the cross-cultural meanings and values that our families bring to the community are learned and appreciated all spaces. We strive to ensure an atmosphere of value and welcome, regardless of politics, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or any other barrier that vulnerable communities face. We are one community.

Providing Resources for Healthy Development

At World Relief, our desire is to see these youth and families flourish and reach their fullest potential, despite the early obstacles they face upon immigrating.

We work to facilitate the healthy integration of immigrant youth into life in the United States by connecting youth and their parents, teachers, and administrators with early childhood programming, summer camps, multilingual academic support, mentorship, mental health resources, and other community integration opportunities.

Our Programs

Refugee and other immigrant youth face significant challenges as they try to adapt to American culture, reestablish community and friendships, and adjust to new schooling and educational expectations.

These obstacles can be crippling. But they don’t have to be.

"My coaches taught me how to do multiplication and now I can do my math homework!"

- Marwah, Welcome Club student

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