Provide families in Southern Africa with the resources needed to survive the current food shortage.



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Because Southern Africa has received little to no rainfall in the past six months, thousands of rural families already contending with food shortages are now facing a dire situation. In communities where World Relief works, crops are failing and livestock are dying at a rapid rate. Currently up to 4 million people in Malawi and 1.5 million in Mozambique in need of immediate assistance.

The crisis is hitting other countries hard as well. Malawi, for example, is already an under-resourced and food-insecure region, particularly vulnerable to a food shortages. At this critical time, these individuals and families desperately need assistance. And because of World Relief’s established partnerships and programs in these regions, we have the ability to assist them.



Immediately, World Relief and its partners are providing seeds to farmers so that they can replant their crops when the rainy seasons begins again in October. For the long term, World Relief organizes and develops agricultural associations, giving technical support to farmers to better irrigate their crops, sell their products in the market and achieve greater financial independence through their earnings.

World Relief and its partners also help provide innovative tools to the hands of farmers, enabling them to increase the yield of their crops to feed their families and transform the well-being of their communities.

Finally, World Relief’s Savings for Life program teaches farmers and their families to save resources to purchase food when their own crops fail, making them more resilient to droughts and food shortages.


Your contribution to World Relief means we and our local church partners in Southern Africa can provide immediate assistance like seeds for replanting crops. But it also means we can help communities develop long-terms solutions to cope with food shortages and become more resilient when future droughts strike.

Donate today to ensure families in Mozambique and Malawi get the food they need, and that communities will survive the current food shortage, thriving in years to come