The Darfur region, in western Sudan, has been in an ongoing state of humanitarian emergency since 2003. Though the international community has largely moved on to other crises, conflict persists, and more than a decade after the onset of this crisis, extensive displacement continues to be one of the main features of life in Darfur. While in the past few years some areas have become more stable, others remain plagued by conflict within Darfur and in the cross border region in Chad. Fighting over scarce resources is expounded by overcrowding in certain areas due to displacements, as well as natural causes such as drought and inadequate and erratic rainfall. Darfur suffers from poor health and nutrition systems, frequent disease outbreaks, and a depressed economy, and as long as fighting prevails, it will remain difficult to transition to lasting development.

World Relief is responding with emergency health, nutrition, and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services in Central Darfur State, where armed conflict persists. In more stable West Darfur state, World Relief continues with health, nutrition, and WASH interventions, but also aims at recovery and development through peacebuilding and livelihoods programming.


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Health & Nutrition

Food Security & Livelihoods


WASH Program
(Water, Sanitation, Hygiene)


    • World Relief provides primary healthcare, mainly targeting mothers and young children through a network of 11 health facilities in two Darfur States.

    • Water activities lay a crucial foundation for success in all other work, as clean and accessible water affects health of humans and livestock, ability to grow crops, and sanitation and hygiene practices. World Relief was one of the first NGO to promote solar-energy driven water projects in Darfur. 

    • World Relief supports a growing network of peace and reconciliation mechanisms. Peace and Reconciliation Committee members not only help mediate local conflicts as they happen, they are also working to prevent violence.



    Gemta Birhanu Adula, Country Director
    Rose Moraa Onsomu, Finance & Administration Manager
    Albert Dizon, Program Manager
    Stephen Gatimu, Central Darfur Area Coordinator & WASH Manager
    Dawit Birke, Health and Nutrition Program Manager
    Debebe Taye, Development Projects & M&E Manager