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The Triad prepares to welcome nearly 1200 Afghan evacuees

World Relief Triad, a nonprofit group that assists refugees, says the Triad is expecting to host about 150 evacuees, 30-40 of which will be coming to Winston-Salem.

World Relief Triad is excited to report that we are officially welcoming Afghan arrivals. As one of the many agencies welcoming nearly 1,200 afghan evacuees in the coming months, there are many needs.

Director of the Triad office, Rob Cassell, spoke on our offices’ integration services that will be provided. While there are many resources that have already been provided, the need is still prevalent.

“So, for the community to come around and help us give some direct support. Helping with housing, helping with food, helping with medical support is very important,” Cassell said.

Learn more about how you can respond here, and watch this piece to hear about World Relief Triad’s position as a partner to the community in welcoming their new neighbors.

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