Today, over 68 million people have been forcibly displaced worldwide. Most cannot return home. After years of fleeing violence, war, famine and extreme poverty, their greatest hope is to once again belong — to find a place to rebuild their homes and lives.

World Relief partners with local churches and community-based organizations across the United States to provide support for thousands of immigrants who are seeking a place to call home. We do this by:


Extending Welcome


Providing Vital Services


Building Relationships and Belonging

Our Work

Our local offices help immigrants by providing vital services that include preparing their new home with furniture and basic household items, arranging medical visits, enrolling in ESL classes, providing a thorough orientation to life in America, and providing job skills and employment services. In addition, we provide immigration legal services—legal clinics and counseling to guide our new neighbors along the path toward U.S. citizenship.



Initial Resettlement Services


Employment Services


Immigration Legal Services




Community Services


Youth Education & Cultural Services


Anti-Trafficking Support


Detention Center Ministry


Economic Stability Services

Maneuvering through the United States immigration system is a complicated and long-term process. Immigrants must jump through a number of legal hoops to maintain their legal status here in the United States, to reunite with family members left behind and to gain access to economic and educational opportunities.

World Relief is accredited by the U.S. Department of Justice and has a proven history in providing high quality, low cost legal services to the immigrant community in over 60 locations across the country.


At World Relief, we have seen hundreds of thousands of lives transformed
as we help immigrants move from dependence to independence and dignity in the U.S.


Every family deserves the chance to build a stable and secure life. Will you join us?