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For nearly 80 years, World Relief has been on the move.
We move toward the marginalized,
the hungry, the refugee.
We move with the church leader,
the mother, the entrepreneur.
And we’ve done it all with you.

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In 2022,

we witnessed the devastating ripple effects that one war can have on the world. When Russia invaded Ukraine, millions of Ukrainians were displaced from their homes. Food and fuel prices also spiked globally, aggravating an existing drought crisis throughout parts of Africa.

And yet, we also witnessed the ripple effects of compassion.

In 2022, churches, communities and people like you came together to respond to the war and beyond. Together, we:



displaced people in Eastern Europe




people in Sudan




immigrants to the U.S.

You showed us that connection is what gives us strength, and it takes all of us to create change that lasts.
With your help, we served more than 5 million people across the globe. Thank you!

Lokeny’s Story

Lokeny lives in Turkana, Kenya. His community recently built sand dams to harvest rainwater for use in times of drought --- a project that is part of World Relief's ongoing work to build resilience against harsh weather and food insecurity in Turkana.

As the dams collected water, the ravines had a healing effect on the land and began regenerating plants. The plants attracted a bounty of insects, including honey bees — an unexpected source of God’s provision.

World Relief purchased new beehives and trained Lokeny and 19 other families in beekeeping as an alternative source of income. These families are now equipped to harvest the honey from their hives and package it for sale at the local market.

Read more on pgs. 8-9 of the Annual Report.

Valentyna’s Story

On February 24, 2022, Olga texted her mother in Ukraine. “Has it started bombing?” she asked. Valentyna replied, “Yes, yes, it has started.”

At 69 years old, Valentyna did not want to leave her home in Ukraine, but she soon began to wonder if she might die in the war. She knew it was time to leave. She arrived in Memphis, TN on May 10, and embraced her daughter for the first time in months.

At first, Valentyna had trouble accessing benefits available to Ukrainians fleeing the war, but thanks to World Relief Memphis, she found the help she needed.


Read more on pg. 5 of the Annual Report.

Luke’s Story

When Luke began volunteering with World Relief in October 2021, he was eager to welcome Afghans arriving in Wisconsin’s Fox Valley. However, as more and more refugees began arriving in his area, the resources and time needed to fully train Luke became scarce.

Thankfully, with support from our partners, World Relief Fox Valley hired a Good Neighbor Team Coordinator to help. Through training and coaching, volunteers like Luke are better equipped to embody the love of Jesus in the lives of their refugee neighbors.


Read more on pg. 20 of the Annual Report.

Marita’s Story

Marita gave birth to her first child when she was just a teenager. By age 27, Marita had five kids, including a set of twins. She struggled to feed her children daily and feared the frequent news of mothers and their babies dying during childbirth.

For Marita, programs like SCOPE are making all the difference. “I realize now that I took a lot of risks by having all of these successive pregnancies,” Marita said. “I now know that I will be able to devote myself to raising the five children that I currently have.”


Read more on pg. 12 of the Annual Report.

Jawed’s Story

Jawed came to the U.S. in 2022 after fleeing Afghanistan. He had big dreams and needed help finding work that created greater opportunities for his future. Career Pathways — a new and innovative program at World Relief Chicagoland — was the solution he needed.

“The friendly, hard-working staff at World Relief helped me leave a job that had no future for me,” Jawed said. “[I started] a new career and achieve my Commercial Driver’s License. Now, I am happier because with more financial freedom, I am dreaming of opening my own business and feel freer to invest in my future in the USA.”


Read more on pg. 19 of the Annual Report.

Read Their Stories:

In a season when many companies and nonprofits are facing economic hardship, God continues to be faithful in his provision. While 2022 brought immense challenges, it also brought new passion and new partnerships that helped us go further and reach deeper than ever before.

Read more on pgs. 24-26 of the Annual Report.

Seeing what World Relief was doing, I thought — thank God there’s something happening. There is still goodness in the world. World Relief is changing lives.

Kristen Willerer

When I believe in something, I want to financially support it… we are to be God’s hands extended in the world. I think that’s what World Relief is.

Karen Marion

We know that today’s challenges are both deeply connected and inextricably linked. In 2022, you rose to meet these challenges by offering millions of people a treasure far greater than any one donation alone — hope.


May God bless you as, together, we go even further and even deeper in 2023.

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