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Millions are displaced from their homes

Help families in crisis today

Today, more people than ever in recorded history have been forced to flee for their lives. They are desperately seeking refuge in a country or community not of their own. Tragically, over 40% of these are children.

At World Relief, we feel the urgency of this crisis. And we want to change it, but we need your help.


Donation frequency: MonthlyOnce

$20/mo over a year

can provide employment support to a newly arrived refugee so they can provide for their family

$85/mo over a year

can train 20 Ukrainian pastors annually on mental healthcare and psychological support

$260/mo over a year

can support an immunization campaign for children and women of reproductive age in Sudan


can provide workbooks for a refugee enrolled in English classes in the U.S.


can provide a shelter repair kit to a family whose home has been destroyed


can provide a legal consultation for an asylum seeker

For 80 years, across 100 countries we’ve been boldly engaging in the world’s greatest crises in partnership with the church.
With you, in 2023, we:


Reduced suffering for almost 5 million people around the world

Respond to current crises


Recruited 46,714 volunteers to be the hands and feet of Jesus

Join our network of volunteers


Mobilized 4,440 churches to love their neighbor

Become a Church of Welcome


Welcomed 11,804 immigrants to the U.S.

Be equipped through The Workshop

Born out of a heartfelt response to the displacement crisis in Europe after World War II, we’ve spent the last 80 years convening the global church to respond to the world’s greatest humanitarian crises.

Building Communities of Resilience

Building Communities of Resilience

Our community development work creates resiliency by addressing some of the most pressing drivers of mass displacement - including conflict, climate change and extreme poverty.

Supporting Communities on the Move

Supporting Communities on the Move

In the wake of humanitarian disasters and in unstable contexts, we provide immediate and ongoing support for those impacted by displacement, helping to restore livelihoods.

Creating Communities of Welcome

Creating Communities of Welcome

We strive to build welcoming communities here in the U.S. and engage in the associated advocacy and public policy efforts that allow refuge for all those forced to flee their homes.

Together, we can build a world where families thrive and communities flourish. Will you join us?


Seeing what World Relief was doing, I thought — thank God something is happening. There is still goodness in the world. World Relief is changing lives.

Kristen Willerer



I don’t know what we would have done without [our caseworker]. Before we got to World Relief, it felt like no one cared.


Daughter of Ukranian Refugee

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