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Zia’s Story: I Was Born In War

June 17, 2024 | Comments Off on Zia’s Story: I Was Born In War
Zia story: I was born in war

As a government official, Zia knew that he was being hunted. Quickly he gathered his wife and two children, and rushed them to the airport. Somehow, they made it inside. They should have been safe.

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Inspiring Stories of Hope: Raising Refugee Voices

June 17, 2024

Read 3 stories of hope from refugees around the world.

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Five ways to learn more about refugees

5 MORE Ways To Learn About Refugees

June 7, 2024

Last year when I wrote my blog, “Five Ways to Learn More About Refugees”, there were 103 million displaced people in the world; 32 million were refugees.

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Learn 3 ways you can help refugees today.

3 Ways You Can Help Refugees

June 5, 2024

Refugees are in urgent need of help. Learn three ways you can make a difference today.

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A woman standing in front of a mural wall.

Embracing the uncertainty

June 4, 2024

Paw reflects on her life from childhood, to fleeing her homeland and becoming a refugee, to now serving those who share similar path with her.

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An intern holding his birthday gift.

Leave a mark: Spring 2024 interns’ reflection

June 4, 2024

Our Spring interns reflect on their internship experience and moving forward after their time with World Relief Quad Cities.

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8 ways we help refugees

8 Ways We’ve Been Working with Refugees Throughout Our History

June 4, 2024

Over the last 80 years, the work we’ve done together at World Relief has been defined by supporting those who have been displaced by conflict and global crises. Today, we’re looking back on our legacy of working with refugees and displaced people across the globe.

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