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Make an Impact that Lasts

Volunteer Opportunities with World Relief

We all want to make a difference in the world. It’s part of how we are designed. At World Relief, we believe making a difference is a two-way street. Over the past 40+ years, we’ve been guiding people like you to volunteering in ways that make a lasting impact. You can bring your gifts, abilities and interests, and World Relief will help you connect and walk alongside families and individuals as they rebuild their lives in North Texas.

We are so excited to partner with you as you grow, learn, and make a difference through volunteering.

Volunteer Opportunities

Case Aide

Help serve newly arrived individuals/families by providing direct client care and administrative services.

Orientation Presenter

Lead orientations for our new client’s. This includes cultural, healthcare, employment, housing and transportation orientations. Volunteers have the freedom to choose which orientation suits their gifts & knowledge best.

Employment Mentor

Assist clients find jobs by filling out job applications, helping with transportation to interviews, and strengthen understanding of American work culture.

Friendship Partner

Meets with our clients one-on-one by helping them resettle in their new home while building a mutually transformative relationship.

Conversation Partner

Work one-on-one to help our client’s learn English in a relational way.

Spanish Interpreter

Help translate during important events such as “Mass Enrollment Day” and monthly RCA “Check Day” for our Cuban & Haitian clients.

Front Desk Help

Help our front desk worker assist clients and walk-ins.

Arrival Team

Help provide a culturally appropriate meal & transportation from the airport to our client’s new home upon arrival to the United States!

Transportation Ally

Help our new neighbors with transportation to doctor’s appointments, job interviews, and government service facilities.

ESL Opportunities

Create lesson plans for each class level, build strong long-term relationships with students, and walk alongside the students in their journey learning English.

Child Care

Supervise and engage with children during World Relief classes or activities. Volunteers will lead age-appropriate activities and provide a safe and positive environment.

Apartment Set Up

Help welcome our new neighbors by setting up their apartments with various furniture items and home welcome kits.

"This amazing opportunity to talk with and mentor the youth, who are at such a critical stage in life, make good, wise, and godly choices to avoid making choices that will lead them down paths of hurt and despair. Serving with World Relief can only be described as outstanding. With a heart of gratitude, appreciation, and with many prayers, I can only think that the heart of Jesus is smiling down on you and all who serve with you."

- Dave, Volunteer

 "My family went to serve to get out of ourselves and into others. Quite the reverse occurred. These incredible children have helped us far more than we can ever repay with their unconditional acceptance and love. I watch my teens, and the refugee kids find their value in Whom (our Heavenly Father)they belong, rather than things of this world. We are all very different, yet we belong to one kingdom, and all desire to be seen and valued. My takeaway is surrendering in service to others in His name brings unexpected gifts that we could never receive on our own."

-Cori, Volunteer

"I volunteer because I love getting to know the students more deeply and having the opportunity to serve others."

-Colin, Volunteer

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