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About us


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Global Reach


World Relief is a global Christian humanitarian organization whose mission is to empower the local church to serve the most vulnerable. We aim to tackle the world's greatest problems with holistic, locally-driven solutions that lead to lasting change - whether in response to disasters, extreme poverty, violence, oppression or mass displacement and immigration. World Relief's work in the United States, specifically, focuses on helping refugees and other immigrants in vulnerable situations rebuild their lives in a new country.

Local Impact


At World Relief Texas, we come alongside refugees and other immigrants in vulnerable situations as they rebuild their lives in the United States. Since 1980, we have worked to empower the local church to walk alongside refugees and immigrants in the DFW area. We now have offices in Fort Worth, Dallas (March 2023) and Austin (August 2023).

For decades, we have empowered churches, community organizations and individuals like you to adapt to the challenges of the moment for the sake of refugees. As the demand for our services has increased in recent years, we have expanded our work beyond refugees to include all immigrants in vulnerable situations.


Today, World Relief Texas is part of a national network of offices through which over 400,000 immigrants and refugees have been welcomed into this country.

Church Centered

Working with the local church is not only a good strategy, it's at the very heart of our work. We believe that God gave us a plan to save our broken world, and that it begins with his church, and his people, leading the way. We want to see local churches creating and leading change in their communities.


We believe in transformation of the whole person mind, body and spirit. That's why our programs focus on addressing the root causes of poverty, vulnerability and injustice. Beyond physical change, we focus on driving mental, social and spiritual transformation.

plant growing from ground

We understand that lasting change requires more than quick fixes and band-aid solutions. We prioritize the leadership and participation of those we serve, whether people, churches or local institutions, as critical to creating and sustaining change. Many of our staff are immigrants themselves and have a deep understanding of the challenges our clients face.



Garrett Pearson
Office Director


Meet Our Team!


At World Relief, we are committed to prayerful, efficient and thoughtful stewardship of every donation. When you invest in us, you can trust not only that your resources are being directed to the right places, but also that those resources are being used in the smartest, most efficient ways possible due to the collective expertise of our organization.

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