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Share the Gift Pt. 2: Paying it Forward to Empower Women in Turkana

November 29, 2021 |

Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday. We invite you to share-the-gift by paying it forward alongside women in Turkana County.  Earlier this month you heard about a powerful share-the-gift project in Karebur Village, Turkana. 500 miles north, in Kachoba Village, another share-the-gift project is also taking root.  This time, it’s combating malnutrition while empowering women to take…

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Donate Your Car to World Relief

How to “Drive” Change by Donating Your Car

November 17, 2021

Learn how donating your vehicle to World Relief Chicagoland removes the barrier of transportation and provides a life-changing gift.

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Gift Card Blog

Downloadable Gift Card: Give in Honor of Someone You Love this Holiday Season

November 15, 2021

Download a gift card to give your loved one when you donate to World Relief Chicagoland in their honor.

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How the Affordable Housing Crisis Is Impacting Refugee Families

November 11, 2021

We all want to build communities where refugees and immigrants are welcome. But how can we do that if they…

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Share the Gift Pt. 1: How One Community in Turkana Is Paying it Forward

November 10, 2021

Giving to your relatives and neighbors is an ingrained way of life in Turkana and it has led to a new program called Share the Gift.

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María’s Story: Letter from a New U.S. Citizen

November 8, 2021

Read how the life-changing help María received at World Relief helped her navigate the immigration legal process and become a US citizen.

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The Price of our Daughters

The Price of our Daughters

November 5, 2021

Earlier this week, news broke of Parwana Malik, a 9-year-old girl sold for $2,200 to a 55-year old man in…

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