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Education Helps Provide Hope – Callie’s Story

Read the story of a young woman from Afghanistan, and see how she believes that education helps provide hope to young women.

Callie’s Story

All Callie* wanted to do was go to school and be a part of a community.

However, for many young women in Afghanistan, education can be severely limited. In fact, right now the Taliban has banned Universities from accepting women, limiting their opportunity for growth. These realities are heartbreaking, considering how education can transform the life of a young woman. 

World Relief North Texas resettled an Afghan family one year ago, shortly after the Taliban invaded Kabul. Their oldest daughter had never attended school, as girls were not permitted to go in their home village. Everything she learned, she self-taught, but she deeply desired to be a part of a school community. Once arriving in the U.S. that dream became a reality.

Support & Courage

In the beginning, there were many obstacles. For example, she did not know English and nothing was familiar to her. But through the immense support of her teachers, she gained the courage to continue taking steps forward. Over time, that continued support from the school faculty emboldened her to continue learning and school became a place she loved.  

After her first full semester, her confidence in herself blossomed, and eventually, she became comfortable speaking English. She has cultivated a love of learning, something she always wished she had in Afghanistan. Now, she dreams of continuing her education and hopes to pursue a college education. Her future opportunities have opened up and she told us how she hopes to become a teacher or a pharmacist, however, she says that “my dream is always changing.” The more she learns, the more she understands there are so many possibilities open to her for the future. She believes that “life without education is useless and I want to learn more to stand on my own two feet. Education is important because I should not live in dependence on someone else.” 

Dreams Lead to Impact

Our friend was deeply upset about the closing of schools for girls in Afghanistan. She wishes to “someday be a part of re-opening those schools for women there.” Her courage, eagerness, and determination should be an example to all of us. Let’s create a space of welcome for newcomers to learn. 

*name changed for safety and privacy

Learn how you can be a part of creating a space of welcome for newcomers with World Relief North Texas HERE.

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