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Pursuing Peace Together

Imagine a world where wounds were healed and reconciliation was made possible because wrongs were acknowledged and forgiveness was both extended and received.  Where hatred and broken relationships were replaced with humble dialogue, and Christlike love fueled spiritual, relational and community development. This is the world World Relief Rwanda is helping build, and it’s the…

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Dear Ivanka

World Relief, along with a host of other evangelical organizations, recently penned a letter to Ivanka Trump urging her “to use her significant influence within the administration” to end the suspension of an anti-trafficking law that has provided safeguards to unaccompanied minors.   Ivanka is the daughter and an advisor to the president of the United…

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Rwanda Responds to COVID-19

It’s been a difficult season here in Rwanda. Like many places around the world, Rwanda experienced a total lockdown from mid-March to mid-May as cases of COVID-19 began sprouting up in communities across our country. Today, though some communities have begun to reopen, things have not completely returned to normal. Most church buildings are still…

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