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Change That Lasts Through Mutual Transformation

by Amber Díaz Pearson // At World Relief Durham, we often talk about mutual transformation as a central goal for relationships within our community: among churches, between volunteers and newcomers, between staff and neighbors. But what does it take to build the kind of authentic friendships that would lead to mutual transformation?  While no two…

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World Relief Durham’s Efforts for Immigrant Equity

This summer, Adam Clark, World Relief Durham’s Executive Director, wrote a piece for local nonprofit partner Built2Last Innovations Lab‘s quarterly magazine, Vol. 3. World Relief Durham (WRD) is working towards one main goal in the Triangle region: immigrant equity. For hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians who were born in another country, life presents numerous…

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Why We Welcome

We’re kicking off our “Why We Welcome” series with a special message from Pastor Ev, our community partner!

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The Resilience of One Afghan Refugee

A Story from World Relief Western NY World Relief Sacramento has welcomed and resettled 1,211 refugees into our community this fiscal year, many of them from Afghanistan. Many of their stories have been similar to this one from our sister office in New York. In October 2021, Atiqullah arrived at a United States Military Base,…

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Community healing

A nurse in the hallway

Registered Nurse, Jessica Farnsworth, shares her passion in taking caring of people and her experience working with refugees.

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Why We Welcome: The Hope We Have

Piece written by Joseph Mosse, Ukrainian Support Case Specialist Procrastination is a dangerous thing. All the way back in August, I was asked if I could write a piece for a newsletter coming out in December about hope. The specific wording of the prompt was to write about “the hope that I have.” But I…

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Disability Inclusion Training Makes Way for New Leaders

What if there was a new way forward — one not marked by injustice and division but by love, humility and unity of spirit?  One where pastors work together across denominational lines to affect change in their communities, where people and communities meet a Jesus who cares for them body, mind, soul and spirit.

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Transportation: Volunteers That Drive a Difference

Jan Probus, John Yoder, Lucy Larkin and Sherilyn Jones recently met for lunch at the Spokane office.

For newly arrived refugees, there’s nothing simple about it. They don’t have cars. They don’t have driver’s licenses. They don’t know the city. They don’t know the bus system. They can’t afford an Uber. And, often, they don’t know English well enough to ask directions.

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Why We Welcome: The Prayers We Pray

Written by Isoken Aiwerioba, Director of Operations for World Relief Chicagoland Suffer not the little children – a former colleague once told me how he had spent over 19 years in a refugee camp from when he was very young. He said though he spoke the language of his host country, he always felt like…

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