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Meet the Team

Heather Kwak - IV

Heather Kwak, Office Director

Jane Register - IV

Jane Register, Program Director San Diego

Stephanie Gomez - IV

Stephanie Gomez, Immigration Legal Services Director

Sero Ku - IV

Sero Ku, Volunteer Program Manager

SoCal Luc - IV

Luc Gamaunt, Volunteer Coordinator

Long Tu Chung - IV

Long Tu Chung, Sr. Immigration Specialist

Christiana Coulapides - IV

Christiana Coulapides, Family Services Program Manager

Zoreh Novinni - IV

Zoreh Novinni, Intensive Case Manager, San Diego

Alison Cuevas - IV

Alison Cuevas, Marketing Communications Coordinator

Ana Jara - IV

Ana Jara, Sr. Immigration Specialist

Irving Valdovinos Alvarez - IV

Irving Valdovinos, Immigration Legal Services Assistant

Karla Salvador - IV

Karla Salvador, Immigration Specialist

SoCal Jessica 4 - IV

Jessica Flavius, Immigration Attorney

Daniel Kim - IV

Daniel Kim, Finance Manager

SoCal Kara Watkins - IV

Kara Watkins, Immigration Specialist

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