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Help at the Border

Families at the U.S-Mexico border need your help now.

Responding with Compassion

The crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border is not a new one. It is complex and generational — a heart-wrenching reality that has plunged too many vulnerable families into even greater need. If you’re like us, you long to act. But ever-changing policies may leave you feeling confused and paralyzed. 

Here’s the good news. You don’t have to wait to respond. Together, we can act.

Map of U.S. and Mexican border

Our Commitment at the U.S.-Mexico Border

DR_Southern-Border - IV

In 2022, over

2 million

people attempted to cross the U.S. border between ports of entry.

Many of those individuals and families were driven from their homes as a result of conflicts, crises and climate disasters. At World Relief, we believe it’s possible to have secure and just borders while extending compassion to those who are in need.

World Relief responds to the border

The southern border regions — on both the Mexican and U.S. sides — are under strain, with very large numbers of people arriving. Thoughtful policy solutions are needed that respect our laws, ensuring both secure borders and due process for those who profess a credible fear of persecution.

Myal Greene, President and CEO of World Relief, says, “Those fleeing their countries due to conflict, violence or fear not only have the right to seek safety and protection but to plead their case to determine if they qualify to stay in our country lawfully.”

Will you partner with us as we advocate for just policies and serve vulnerable immigrants seeking safety?

Together, we can partner today to:



From shelters along the U.S.-Mexico border to communities in DR Congo, we meet immediate needs for food, water, health and shelter while addressing the root causes that push families to leave home in the first place.



Our impactful team of policy experts works tirelessly, advocating for immigrants in the halls of Congress and mobilizing U.S. churches to respond with biblical compassion.



From ESL classes to employment services, you can provide refugees and other immigrants with access to basic necessities as they begin the journey toward rebuilding and belonging in the U.S.

Join us in responding to the southern border crisis.

Join us in responding to the southern border crisis.

Why World Relief?

For nearly 80 years, World Relief has partnered with people like you to respond with compassion and justice where and when most needed. When you give to World Relief, you join a community of churches and change agents who see what’s happening at the border and know that, while the politics are complex, compassion is not.
Sadly, there are no quick fixes for the global refugee and displacement crisis manifesting itself most visibly at our southern border today. But together, we can move forward toward enduring solutions that are both compassionate and just. As bold men and women of faith, now is the time to act.

That’s why we’re asking you to partner with us today.

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