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Family Literacy Program

A High-Quality Learning Experience

We believe every immigrant should have access to a high-quality, professional place to learn English. Our office hosts an adult ESL class in partnership with OACES (Office of Adult and Career Education Services).

The class takes place Monday-Thursday from 4-7pm at 420 Winton Road North, Rochester, NY 14610. Free, open to all skill levels and backgrounds. To register, simply show up during class time and ask to join.

What We Offer at the Family Literacy Program

The ESL class offers adults with limited English language proficiency a variety of language learning opportunities to improve their skills in speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Hot meals are provided by Foodlink.

During the class, we offer childcare for children coming to the class with their parents. We have a part-time childcare assistant on staff to provide supervision and fun activities.

On certain evenings, workshops are held by local agencies, organizations, and businesses. Previously we've welcomed His Branches to present on health & wellness, Foodlink to talk about nutrition, and the Winton Library to share about community resources.

Oaces volunteers and students - IV

Additional ESL Opportunities

Moms and their preschool children are invited to join the classes below!

WesternNY-2024-Moms&tots - IV

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