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Good Neighbor Teams

Good Neighbor Teams (GNTs) provide the opportunity to build mutually transformative relationships and to navigate the challenges of resettlement together.

We believe God created the church and people like you to make a difference. Today, you can embody a spirit of Christ-like welcome and be a friend to refugees by forming a Good Neighbor Team!



What is a Good Neighbor Team?

A Good Neighbor Team (GNT) is a small group of volunteers (preferably 6-12) from a local church or organization that partners with World Relief to welcome and walk alongside a newly arrived refugee family. We want each refugee who arrives in the US to feel the warm welcome of the local church and community.

After onboarding and training with World Relief, GNTs are equipped to assist with practical resettlement tasks aimed at empowering the family to move towards self-sufficiency, while simultaneously building mutually transforming, long-lasting relationships.


Called to Care - IV

"The bonds with the family and the love for each other developed quickly through being present and active in their new life in America."

--Jay Baker, GNT Volunteer

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How do I get Started?

  1. Check out our Good Neighbor Team Overview guide for more information!
  2. Form a team of 6-12 people.
  3. Once you have a team, fill out a Good Neighbor Team Interest Form and send it to our Outreach & Training Specialist, Angie Matiz, at
  4. Complete World Relief’s volunteer application, orientation and training.
  5. Get matched with a newcomer family or individual and provide practical community support for a 6 month commitment.

What are my options for private sponsorship?

Partner with our Western NY OfficeOur office has been engaging local Good Neighbor Teams to welcome refugees coming through the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program since 2023. Learn more about Good Neighbor Teams and how to get started here.

Become a Good Neighbor Team through the Welcome Corps Program.Through the US Government's Welcome Corps program, groups anywhere in the country can apply to sponsor a refugee family (both the matching and naming phases) and support them through their process of resettling. Good Neighbor Teams who go through Welcome Corps receive quality guidance and coaching from World Relief Home Office throughout their commitment.  

If you are interested in welcoming refugees through the Welcome Corps program, please be advised that our Western NY office is not involved with this program. Fill out this Inquiry Form to receive more information from World Relief's Home Office. To learn more about Welcome Corps, click here or visit the Welcome Corps website. 

Form a Good Neighbor Team to sponsor someone from Ukraine, Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua or Venezuela. The  I-134A  process is specifically for sponsorship of displaced people from these countries and is another form of private sponsorship.  Good Neighbor Teams who sponsor through this process will receive guidance and coaching throughout the process from World Relief Home Office. Those interested in partnering with World Relief in sponsorship through the I-134A process can fill out this form to receive more information. To learn more about this sponsorship model visit Welcome.US.

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