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Logging Volunteer Hours

Why log hours


Your investment of time and talent toward welcoming our newest neighbors with World Relief is an investment we want to steward with excellence. Every time you log your hours, you provide tangible evidence that we are fulfilling our mission to empower the local church and community to serve the most vulnerable.

How to Navigate Track it Forward





Conversation Partner

ESL Class

  • Practiced activity for English class lesson with an ESL student

Home Team

Apartment Set-up

  • Cleaned and set-up home for Abrams family

Transportation Team

Bus Training


  • Drove Abdul Mohammad to and from his English class at OACES. Used car seat for his youngest child to drop off daughter at ABC Head Start. 
  • Drove Lida and Sergey to the Refugee Health clinic. Helped Lida get blood work done after doctors visit. Picked up prescriptions and Walgreens, stopped for ice cream, and brought them home. 
  • Drove to Mikola's apartment and took the bus with her to the grocery store to activate her EBT card and learn the bus route. She had a concern about her router, so I helped her plug it in

Office Team

Administrative Help

Office Help


Sorting Donations

  • Sorted new donations in supply room at World Relief.
  • Assembled Welcome Kits with my children from the items in the supply room.
  • Helped stuff and stamp 300 Christmas cards.


Community Orientation

ESL Tutoring

Grocery Shopping

Homework Help


  • Met Betan family at their apartment to drop off a vacuum. Ended up going inside and helping them sort and understand their mail. They are concerned about all of the RG&E bills they are getting. A case worker should follow-up with them.
  • My family drove Dara and her two kids to a park near their home. The kids played together, and Dara shared that she is lonely during the day. We decided that I would come over weekly with my family to spend time together.
  • Drove Ali to Freshly. He bought meet and vegetables for his family. We had a challenge figuring out what vinegar was called, but one of the workers interpreted for us. When I brought him home, he invited me in for a long dinner. It was nice. 

Special Event

Special Event

Building Repair

  • Helped pass out food vouchers at Hillside Church
  • Laid new vinyl floors in World Relief office. 

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