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What's Your Cause?

Churches around the world are rising up to answer the cry of the poor, the hungry, the oppressed. What has God put on your heart? Does your church have a mission, a Kingdom Cause it is rallying around?

World Relief empowers the local church to serve the most vulnerable – building peace, caring for children and women, responding to the needs of the displaced and devastated, and creating economic opportunities.

We believe God has equipped the church to be at the center of these stories, leveraging time, energy and resources to join the vulnerable in their time of need.

We have a distinctive call to the Church, as servant and catalyst. In partnership, we engage and connect churches – locally to the immediate needs of the vulnerable or globally to the great causes of our day.

Join us and stand for the vulnerable.

Interested in getting involved?  Invite a speaker to your church, learn more about partnership, or contact our Church Engagement Regional Directors:

Craig Pixley, West Region
Gary Fairchild, Int'l & Southeast Region
Roger Shantz, Mid-West Region
James Misner, Northeast Region

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World Relief
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