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Become a TEFL certified English Teacher with ConnecTEFL

We certify English language teachers so they can connect in international communities and build cross-cultural relationships.

Why ConnecTEFL?

ConnecTEFL's Teaching English as a Foreign Language certificates meet TESOL International Association’s standards for short-term, adult certification programs.

Our teacher trainers have 50+ years of combined experience, have lived and taught overseas, have advanced degrees in TESL, and teach at the university level.

Our curriculum tackles common myths about teaching the English language and deconstructs them according to the best practices and theories in TEFL.

The cost for a ConnecTEFL certificate is half the price of many certification programs of the same value which include practicum.

Student receives ConnecTEFL certificate.

A ConnecTEFL Certificate


Equips you to teach English as a Foreign or Second language.


Consists of 100 hours of instruction and 20 hours of practicum


Opens thousands of opportunities teaching abroad and in the U.S.


"The ConnecTEFL class was both challenging and enjoyable. The material, class dicussions, projects and practicum prepared me as I began my first classes. Additionally, the direct and useful comments offered by the instructors as they observed my class helped me continue to improve for both my students' and my benefit. ConnecTEFL is completely worth the time and the money spent. While I am not a master, ConnecTEFL helped me feel confident as I move into the arena of TEFL/ESL."

-Kasson, Ukraine


"Living overseas in a cross-cultural environment, and receiving numerous requests to help individuals learn English, ConnecTEFL provided the knowledge and skills I needed. I appreciated the practical content, inclusion of cultural elements and individualized feedback. ConnecTEFL not only equipped me for teaching; but also provided insight and help for my own current second language acquisition process."

-Bertie, Moldova


"Taking this course was invaluable to me! The instructors mold each student using their particular gifts and personalities to become amazing teachers."

-DJ, Colombia

120-Hour Online TEFL Certificate Course

Self Study

100-hour Self-Study: Complete course material at your own pace

● 20-hour Practicum (Observe experienced teachers + practice teaching)

● Personal tutor provides email feedback on assignments and answers questions throughout the course

● Option for three, 45-minute calls with tutor throughout the course

● Start Date: You decide!

*6-months to complete course and practicum

● Questions? Contact


$600 (or $200/mo. for 3 months)

I'm ready to enroll!

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