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There is a crisis happening at the U.S. Southern border. Yet together, we can provide hope, healing and restoration to the suffering.

Learn English at the Connect Language Center

Connect Language Center builds belonging by creating community spaces in quality ESL programming, teacher training, and cross-cultural education opportunities. We do this through three key areas.

Quality Instruction

It can be overwhelming to study English when you don't know what to study. It saves time to have quality instructors. All of our teachers have experience and certificates or graduate degrees in teaching English as a second language.

Accessible Courses

You are busy with your family and work, so you need courses that are affordable, convenient, and in a good location.

Connect Language Center offers morning and evening classes with limited childcare so that you can practice your English without interrupting your life.

Integrated Communities

Living in the USA can feel lonely when you cannot speak English well.

Connect Language Center wants neighborhoods, homes, and families more integrated through offering internationals quality ESL instruction.

In the end, our students walk away feeling empowered. It is difficult to live in the USA without English, and we designed our courses to give you the language practice that will empower you to get better jobs and opportunities for you and your family.
See what classes are available below.

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