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Host Home Volunteers

When housing vacancies are limited, World Relief will match newly-arrived refugees, asylees, Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) holders and other new immigrant arrivals with local Host Homes. Hosts provide a safe place to stay, friendship and much needed rest for those in a time of transition.

Three Host Home Categories

We have an urgent need for host homes in three different capacities:


On-Call Host Home 

Upon arrival, some refugees will stay with a host home before traveling to be with friends and family. Others may be joining a program at World Relief and need a place to stay before they get long-term housing.

  • - Hosts sign up for an on-call week or weekend and are contacted by a coordinator or lead volunteer when a hosting need comes up. Hosting needs vary and not predictable.
  • - Hosts provide: meals, lodging (separated space such as ADU preferred) and transportation.
  • - Length of stay: 1-5 days.
  • - Transportation: Pick up guest at the Memphis International Airport and take them to your home. Transportation to the airport for flight if needed.
  • - Number of guests: 1-2 people (usually adults).


Opt-In Host Home 

Opt-in hosts are contacted by the Host Home Coordinator when a hosting need comes up for refugees and asylees staying in the area on a World Relief program. Hosts reply to the Coordinator if they can host and make arrangements for their guests.

  • - Hosts provide: some meals, lodging (separated space such as ADU preferred) and some transportation.
  • - Length of stay: 1-30 days.
  • - Transportation: Pick up guest or a World Relief Memphis staff will bring to your home.
  • - Number of guests: varies based on family size, but often includes children.


Long-Term Host Home 

We are building a team of hosts who have capacity for occasional long-term stays as we see a growing need for those released from the military bases with Parolee status (as part of the Afghan Evacuation). These individuals are granted permission to stay in the US based on their fear of persecution, but may not qualify for a resettlement program and must wait up to 6 months for work authorization. Having a safe place to stay through this transitional season is imperative.

  • - Hosts provide: meals (until guest accesses EBT), lodging (private bedroom preferred).
  • - Length of stay: 2-6 months.
  • - Number of guests: varies based on family size.



  • - Flexibility
  • - Willingness to share your home with people of other cultures and religions
  • - Volunteer Application, Pass a Federal Background Check, driving record check, and complete a virtual in-home training with the Volunteer Coordinator and/or Housing Coordinator
  • - Communicate with World Relief staff before and during a guest's stay
  • - Log all volunteer hours
  • - Reside in Tennessee [Due to the requirements of the Tennessee Office for Refugees (TOR), all refugee/SIV/asylee program beneficiaries of World Relief Memphis must reside within the State of Tennessee, even while in temporary housing. If your host home is outside of Tennessee, we thank you for your interest but cannot accommodate you at this time.]
  • - Provide proof of COVID-19 Vaccination for everyone 12+. [Note: It is a Federal requirement that host home volunteers must provide proof of COVID vaccinations for everyone 12 and up in the household. These records are kept confidential. If any members of your household ages 12+ cannot be vaccinated due to medical or religious reasons, we thank you in advance for choosing a different volunteer role.]


Interested in hosting our newest arrivals?

We invite you to complete this survey so we can get a better idea about your available space, availability and home situation.

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