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Level UP Memphis

Take your workplace to the next level with World Relief Memphis' Level UP program!

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How can you take your workplace to the next level?

Have you hired a diverse workforce and seen the opportunity to develop their language and workplace skills further?

You know investing in your team is the best way to care for your staff and help your company grow, but how do you support staff with their language learning and career goals?

With World Relief Memphis, there is a solution.

For 12 years, World Relief Memphis has partnered with local businesses to help meet their workforce needs. We have assisted companies in Memphis in hiring over 1,000 E-Verify-ready staff members from all over the world. We have also helped retain their workforce to help meet their company goals.

The Level UP program is another tool that helps companies invest in their workforce.

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What is Level UP?

Level UP is World Relief Memphis' newest program, in which we partner with Memphis businesses to address language and skills gaps that exist within their specific workforce.

Our goal is to help companies invest in their employees, creating a safer, more productive work environment with increased employee engagement. We do this by bringing certified instructors to your workplace to deliver a custom curriculum designed to meet employer and staff needs. 

We believe this initiative will address the needs of refugees, local employers, and the broader community.

What does Level UP programing look like?

When you partner with World Relief Memphis to Level UP, you will...

-Meet with experts in Adult Education and cross-cultural communication who will listen to language and skill gaps present in your workforce to design curriculum catered to meet your company goals

-Host custom-tailored classes offered onsite by certified instructors for your employees

-Receive frequent Employer Progress Reports on participant attendance and growth

-Invest in your employees, resulting in a stronger workforce and Memphis community
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Through a generous grant from the Office of Refugee Resettlement, World Relief Memphis can offer this program free to employer partners that have hired eligible refugees and other immigrant populations. Cost-sharing options are available for company partners with employees not eligible for this program but still wish to partner to meet workforce language and skill gaps. Schedule a conversation today to learn more about these options and how to hire more E-Verify-ready employees who qualify for Level UP programming!


“In a labor market where it is challenging to find skilled dedicated craftsmen, World Relief Memphis is an excellent resource to find eager dedicated employees. A little patience and training on the employers part and they will discover people that have rich and diverse backgrounds. World Relief Memphis is a great partner and easy to work with, whether providing new employees or assisting in the transition for the employee. World Relief continues to provide a critical component to the growth of Slater Lumber and Millwork."

- Bennet Slater, Slater Lumber and Millwork

"Varsity Facility Service has been working with World Relief since 2011. The partnership has been a good one for Varsity. All the staff at World Relief have been professional and easy to work with. The refugees that I have brought on staff, have been a great addition to the team. All have been hard working, good natured, and very eager to learn. I especially like to learn from them and hear their life stories. I have been humbled and have great appreciation for these people. I will continue to work with World Relief and hope that anyone who is looking for hard working people will do the same. It is a good feeling to know you can help someone to reach the American dream."

-Shawna Patterson, Varsity Facility Services

"At Panda Express we are grateful for all the hard workers that have come to us. Each day is a new learning experience for everyone in the store, we are able to learn about different cultures and teach about our own. Some of my team barely spoke English when hired in and are now able to communicate with us about different things throughout the day. They are some of the strongest members in the store. My team really enjoys spending time together and growing together."

-Brittany Brownwigg, Panda Express

*Level UP is a program of World Relief funded by the Employer Engagement Program grant from the Office of Refugee Resettlement, an office within the United States Department of Health & Human Services.



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