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Program Spotlight: Health Services

At World Relief Fox Valley, we take pride in helping our new neighbors not only relocate, but to make sure they are in good health. In a recent interview with Kayla Gomez, the Health Services Manager, she explains our process with helping our new neighbors and what kind of services we offer.  

“World Relief Health Services provides several different types of services,” says Gomez. “First, we help our new neighbors establish care, with a a primary care doctor through an exam called Refugee Medical Exam. We also help with specialty referrals, education upon new diagnoses, and mental health screenings to ensure our new neighbors are well connected to the healthcare system.” 

The Refugee Medical exam is a process that is to be scheduled within the first 90 days of the new neighbors arrival.  

Although this process is common for every one of our new neighbors, there are still obstacles such as cultural differences and language barriers to overcome with each client.  

“One of the biggest barriers to our job, is helping both our clinics and new neighbors understand the different cultures,” says Gomez. “Another barrier that we experience quite frequently, is transport to the clinic to appointments.” Many of our volunteers come alongside newcomers by assisting them with transportation to medical appointments in their first few months here.

This work isn’t as easy as it sounds, and here in the Fox Valley, we are continuing to expand.

“The Health Services team, has two full-time people and one part time person,” said Gomez. “We are currently hiring for our second full time person.” 

Although the work is hard, Gomez finds fulfillment in her role and enjoys helping people in need.  

“I love the time spent with clients and learn from their lives,” said Gomez.  “I enjoy how we can come together to overcome barriers, and learn from each situation.” 

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