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Home Was No Longer a Safe Haven

by Jose Serrano and our Partners in Tijuana //

Carlos is a veteran of the Colombian armed forces. According to him, guerillas have begun to regain control throughout Colombia in the past few years. 

‘Because of my previous work with the military, I am no longer safe in Colombia,’

says Carlos. 

Most recently, he, his wife, and his daughter were targeted and held hostage for a few days. 

While they are thankful to have been released, returning home is not a viable option. The guerrilla threatened to kill Carlos, his wife, and his child if they remained in Colombia. Hence, he and his family of two had to leave everything behind in pursuit of safety. 

Upon arrival in Tijuana, Baja California, Carlos and his family felt completely lost. Additionally, they no longer had a home to protect them. They were houseless. 


Through our partnership with Airbnb, we were able to provide them with a safe place to temporarily stay. For Carlos, the Airbnb apartment is a symbol of HOPE. He feels safe, protected, and restored. 

Over 3 months, this program has housed 62 migrants in Tijuana, from El Salvador, Honduras, Colombia, Haiti, and Mexico, as they await their CBP interviews.

Carlos is grateful for a safe shelter for himself and his family as he awaits his appointment with Customs and Border Protection.  

Learn more about how you can advocate for asylum seekers like Carlos, today!

Alison Cuevas is the Marketing Communications Coordinator for World Relief SoCal.

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