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Top 3 Donation Needs  

We couldn’t be more appreciative for all the donors who have helped our new neighbors feel comfortable when moving into the Fox Valley. We are truly thankful! Although we have equipped so many families with the essentials they need to live an everyday life, the work still continues. In this blog, we will go over the top three most needed items on our Amazon Wishlist. These items are basic necessities that anyone would need to feel comfortable in a new home.   

  1.  Pots and Pans 

Pots and pans are an everyday essential to any home. It allows new neighbors to not only save money on food, but to also make dishes that are part of their culture. Right now, our pots and pans are currently at an 11% discount on Amazon. 

Current Need: 15 

Currently Have: 0 

Shop Pots and Pans 

  1.  Twin Bed Sheets 

Every person should have access to a roof over their head and place to sleep at night. It is vital that these new members of our community have the proper bedding to sustain a night’s rest.  

Current Need: 20 

Currently Have: 0 

Shop Twin Bedding   

  1.  Comforters 

Along with the bedding, comforter sets are also in high priority need for our new neighbors. This item will once again help our neighbors feel comfortable in their new home.  

Current Need: 20 

Currently Have: 6 

Shop Comforters 

If you have questions about donations, what we accept, and how to schedule a time to drop off items please email or check out the donations page on our website.

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