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The Learning Center

For Info Contact: 

James Rashid
Learning Center Manager

The Learning Center seeks to create a safe place for intercultural learning and is a place for

  1. newcomers to the U.S. to learn life skills and concepts crucial to their adjustment
  2. American-born community members to learn cultural competency as a skill, and
  3. volunteers to learn how to teach life skills and cultural competency in culturally relevant ways to both immigrant and American-born individuals.

At the Learning Center, learning is mutual as people from all walks of life seek to learn more about themselves and others while respecting and affirming the beautiful cultural differences that reflect a creative and loving God.


Program Offerings:

- Culturally and linguistically relevant life skills/adjustment classes and experiences for community members with immigrant-life experience

- Culturally appropriate trainings on intercultural competency, responsible charity, and helping without hurting for American-born community members

- Volunteer development through train-the-trainer opportunities and intercultural development through IDI coaching

- Opportunities for volunteers or church groups to lead culturally relevant life skills/adjustment classes and experiences for immigrants in the community

- Opportunities for community members with immigrant-life experience to share, celebrate, and teach others about their experiences

- Opportunities to bridge relationships between those with immigrant-life experience and American-born community members

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