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Volunteer Highlight: Simeon’s Journey into Youth Mentoring with World Relief Memphis

In celebration of National Mentoring Month, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Simeon Glover, a dedicated youth mentor volunteer in our Shine Youth Mentoring Program. Read to hear about Simeon’s path to mentoring, his reflections, and advice about how you too can get involved!

Finding Mentoring

Simeon’s journey into youth mentoring began when he learned about World Relief through Shelley, a current staff member here at World Relief Memphis, a long-time friend, and former Fellowship Student Ministry director. 

“I think it was right when I came back to Memphis after I graduated college, she asked me about getting involved with FSM as a small group co-leader for high school-age boys. We connected again a few months later and that’s when she told me she was at World Relief.  She explained what World Relief was, and just the work that you all do for refugees and immigrants, which was something I was already passionate about.”

Shown the opportunity to get involved with refugee youth, Simeon was eager to jump in. He felt a deep connection to the mission of providing opportunities for individuals escaping persecution and conflict seeking a new life in the U.S. He saw with his experience of working with middle and high-school-aged kids with his Church and through his job with the University of Tennessee, mentoring with World Relief Memphis was a perfect extension of that work.

Mentoring Reflections

“Memphis is a great place and they can find a home here and be settled here.”- Simeon

Now, after almost two years of volunteering, Simeon’s passion for walking alongside immigrant youth continues to grow. His time at World Relief Memphis has broadened his understanding of different cultures and the diverse stories of refugees and other immigrants. Simeon shared that he not only appreciates the opportunity to help youths navigate American life but also takes the opportunity as a native Memphian to share “what Memphis is all about,” and “showing them that Memphis is a great place and they can find a home here and be settled here.”

So far one of Simeon’s favorite memories in the mentoring program is doing an escape room with the mentees. “It was cool to see everybody putting their heads together so we could get out of the room. You could see how everybody contributed in their own way. Some people aren’t gonna know everything, but they can find where they fit in. And so that was really cool to see.”

Advice for Future Mentors

For those considering mentorship, Simeon encourages individuals to take the leap and get involved. He emphasized the lasting impact mentors can have on the lives of mentees, even if the impact isn’t immediately apparent. “It helped me to have someone other than my parents to walk alongside me during those years. And then knowing that even after high school was over, those relationships don’t change.”

As Mentoring Month continues, let Simeon’s story inspire us to think about ways that we too can make an impact on the next generation.

If you are considering joining World Relief’s Mentoring program, check out our Youth Mentoring Volunteer page to learn more! You can also reach out to our Youth Support Specialist Naomi to get connected.


Writer: Kara Spencer

Communication Coordinator at World Relief Memphis, graduate of Harding University and Memphis native.

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