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Helping Our Afghan Allies

Together we can respond.

 Thousands of Afghan families are becoming increasingly vulnerable following the Taliban takeover.

Some of those facing the greatest danger are men and women whose association with the U.S. is now threatening their lives and the lives of their families.

Together we can respond. 

For Volunteers & Partners


If you’re like us, the situation in Afghanistan breaks your heart. It feels overwhelming, massive and it's hard to see what you can do to help.

Here’s the good news. When you join us today, you can.

At World Relief, over the past twenty years we’ve welcomed, befriended, advocated for and helped support thousands of Afghan immigrants in vulnerable situations to communities all across our nation, including right here in Memphis. And we’ve done so with the help of bold and compassionate women and men just like you.

Here's how:


Whether setting up a new apartment, serving as a Good Neighbor volunteer, or coming alongside our vital programs and services, you can join our global network of over 95,000 volunteers positively impacting our world by dedicating your time and resources as a volunteer. One of the first steps is attending volunteer orientation in January.

Source Housing

You can fill one of our most urgent needs right now by sourcing housing for our newest neighbors. Regardless of whether it's short-term or long-term, you could be playing a part in helping a family to rebuild their lives sooner rather and later. Become a temporary host home volunteer, donate hotel stays or rent to a family long-term. Temporary housing is especially crucial for families with children.


Welcome a family in to their new home providing items help furnish their apartment. Or, donate gift cards to Kroger, Lyft and Uber so they can begin rebuilding their lives in Memphis right away.


You can seek justice and mercy for the most vulnerable, using your voices to influence those in positions of power who can save lives. We have an active Advocacy Action to Protect Vulnerable Afghans that needs bold and compassionate people like you.


Resettlement Support

Together, let’s show the world that America is a place of welcome and that we are a people of welcome. When you give today, you join us in bringing hope, healing and restoration right here in Memphis.

Legal Support

 We are partnering with Welcome South, a coalition of non-profit law firms, to make sure that arriving Aghans have the legal support necessary to ensure that they can live a stable and productive life in our community, without fear of being returned to a country where they would be unsafe.

Together, we can provide hope, healing and restoration to the suffering.

Let us create change that lasts.

Donate Now

Your generosity is transformative and will provide immediate and ongoing support for individuals and families arriving from Afghanistan to the U.S. Your gift today goes directly to helping people in their most vulnerable moments, making lasting impact for generations.

To learn more, check out our resources

We know you care about the lives of those in vulnerable situations and long to serve them in your community and around the world. Yet, finding the right resources and tools you need to learn how to help can be nearly impossible. Here’s the good news, we have a solution!

The Workshop. The World Relief Workshop is a collective space for individuals and teams to connect, learn and grow so you can better serve people in your community and around the world. You will have the opportunity to expand your knowledge through Learning, Equipping and Connecting

"I helped U.S. troops in Afghanistan. I’m safe now, but I worry for friends I left behind."

Program participant Seeta Habib and her family were resettled in Memphis in October 2020 through the special immigrant visa program. She and her husband had served as interpreters and journalists for U.S. forces in their home country, and they were consequently targeted by the Taliban. Read her story here.

Recently, the U.S. withdrew from Afghanistan, increasing the attacks from the Taliban on Afghan nationals who supported the U.S. mission and violence against Afghan women and children. Hear from Jenny Yang, SVP of Advocacy and Policy and Ken Primus, Office Director of World Relief Tri-Cities (who served two tours of duty in Afghanistan) about what can the U.S. do to #SaveOurAllies and how can we respond.

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