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How to Love Sacrificially


Recently some members of my church reminded me what it means to love sacrificially. One of them would travel 90 minutes one-way to the church every week. When I asked why she didn’t find a church closer to home, she responded “I know I need to love God by loving this church and the people in it. And I can only love truly when I sacrifice.”

A few weeks later I was talking to a family about collecting money to buy back-to-school supplies for the refugee children in our neighborhood. One child shared about their upcoming Christmas vacation. Then he said, “Maybe we don’t have to fly business class. We could use the excess money to make other children my age feel loved and welcomed.”

First John 3:16 says, “By this we know love, that he laid down his life for us, and we ought to lay down our lives for the brothers.”  As we get ready for school and colder weather, please consider those who are less fortunate than us. Many of them are our newly arriving neighbors, and now we have an opportunity to love them. The question is, are we willing to love sacrificially? 

You can see some first steps to begin this journey here. 

As always, thank you for your ongoing presence and support for refugee and immigrant families!

Grace and Peace,

Adrian Hendarta, Church Mobilizer

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