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Housing Crisis

Partner with us to provide short-term relief and long-term support

The U.S. housing crisis is an issue that continues to escalate. It is complex and has affected thousands in our area, including refugees, asylum seekers, and other immigrants as they attempt to build their lives here in Chicagoland. There are several contributing factors to the housing crisis, including an undersupply of affordable housing; low or stagnant wages; and exclusionary zoning that is preventing the development of affordable housing.

While we work on the frontlines to provide housing to newly arrived refugee families and asylum seekers exiting shelters, we invite you to provide both short-term relief as volunteers to this crisis and long-term support as a landlord partner.

Ways you can help

Asylum Seekers

Build a team to support Asylum Seekers

Provide support for Asylum seekers who are unable to earn income for the first 6 to 9 months while waiting on work authorization approval.

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Become a Host Home Volunteer

Join us in creating a warm welcome to our new refugee neighbors!

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Rent to Refugees as a Landlord

Provide their first home in the Chicagoland area and be a part of the change that lasts in their lives.

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