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2021 Year in Review

For more than 40 years, communities across Chicagoland have come together to welcome immigrants and refugees alongside World Relief. In 2021, this shared vision motivated hundreds of partners, supporters, and volunteers to become part of the story, together.

See how our ordinary moments created extraordinary impact... in 2021 and beyond.


2021 Report

2021 Year in Review Interactive PDF

2021 Year in Review - PDF


Previous Reports

2020 Year in Review - PDF


World Relief Chicagoland includes three locations in Aurora, Carol Stream, and Chicago, Illinois, which together form one of 17 World Relief offices in the United States. For audited financial statements from the World Relief network as a whole, please click here.


World Relief Chicagoland's work is possible because of generous donors and supporters like you.

"Who is my neighbor? Everyone is my neighbor. How do I show love? In any way I can."

— Greg and Olivia Evans, Illinois

Highlights from the Year in Review

You Make the Difference

Your generosity makes a transformative and lifelong impact for immigrants and refugees.  When you give, you join the community of people working together to invest in impact and change our world. Through a one-time gift or monthly commitment, you can deepen the impact.

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