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Made for Change

Together, we can rewrite the story of 2020.

2020 has been a year of incredible change. A global pandemic, systemic racial injustice and a country that seems increasingly divided with each passing day. For many of us, this change has been painful and confusing.

If you’re like us, you long to engage and do something to make a difference in the face of these unprecedented challenges. And yet, as you’ve endured the chaos and tumult of 2020, you’ve been left exhausted, overwhelmed and unsure of how to take action.

But there is hope. What if instead of fearing change,we joined together and embraced it? What if we discovered we were made for change — not just to endure it, but to thrive through it?

For over 40 years, World Relief Chicagoland has been leaning into change and responding to the opportunities that often come with disruption. Many of you have been with us along the way.

These disruptions have acted as the refiners fire, testing our faith, growing our endurance and making us stronger today for a better world tomorrow. We’ve discovered that when we move together, we can be an incredible force for good and an agent for lasting change. So, this season, we’re asking you to join us as we:



Join our global network of over 95,000 volunteers positively impacting our world by dedicating your time and resources as a volunteer — partner with refugees and immigrants by meeting virtually with them as a volunteer once a week. Build relationships and skills together, from English to digital literacy to career readiness!



Join us as we seek justice and mercy for the most vulnerable in the U.S., using your voices to influence those in positions of power who can save lives. Learn more.



Donate today and help us bring hope, healing and restoration to the Chicagoland region’s most vulnerable in 2021.

Change that lasts isn’t easy. It’s a journey that takes time and reflection. But together, we can embrace change and reclaim the narrative of 2020 to bring hope, healing and transformation to our world.

Here are just some of the things your money can do:

$40 // Connect a refugee or immigrant student with a tutor.
$75 // Provide furniture delivery and set up for an immigrant, refugee, or asylee in need.
$180 // Support an ESL instructor with resources they reach more students through virtual teaching.
$250 // Provide employment training for immigrant and refugees ready to work.
$500 // Create access to healthcare services for refugees and immigrants navigating COVID-19.
$1000 // Support Immigration Legal Service helping immigrants apply for citizenship, DACA, or family reunification.

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