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We Move Together

It takes all of us to create change that lasts.

At World Relief, we know you want to be a part of creating change that lasts — to make your mark on the world, leaving it better than you found it. But the compounding crises our world faces today can be overwhelming.

COVID-19 continues to expose the realities of injustice in new ways. Rising rates of extreme poverty, violence, mass displacement and disasters may have left you feeling debilitated, while widening divisions among churches and communities have exhausted and isolated many of us. It’s tempting to give up.

But at World Relief, we have not given up hope, and neither should you.

For nearly 80 years across 100 countries, World Relief has been uniting churches and communities to bring hope, healing and restoration to the women, men and children who need it most. Many of you have been alongside us on this journey. You’ve reminded us that while creating change isn’t easy, it’s possible when we move together.

Now, as the number of new refugees seeking safety in the U.S. continues to grow and people across the globe experience increased vulnerabilities, we need you to join us. Together, we can respond to these urgent crises and make lasting change as we:

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Giving financially is a tangible and important way to put love in action and be a part of building communities of love and welcome where all refugees and immigrants thrive. Your generosity is transformative. To give, please visit here.

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Congress has the power to act and make key decisions that affect people in vulnerable situations around the world and in the United States. When you speak up and contact your elected officials, they are more likely to support positions that would help people we care about. Take action today!


Join us this Advent as we pause to connect with God and one another through We Move Together: An Advent Journey. In this four-part devotional series, we’ll be renewed and reminded that Jesus — God with us, Emmanuel — is still inviting us to be his hands and feet in the world today. Sign up today!

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Over the past 40+ years, we’ve been guiding people like you to volunteer in ways that make a lasting impact. You can bring your gifts, abilities and interests, and World Relief will help you connect as a Youth Tutor, English Language Tutor, Health Advocate, Citizenship Tutor, Apartment Set-up Assistant, or in another way.

We are all called to steward our gifts and fight for lasting change — both in ourselves as we realize the call God has for us and in the lives of those whose voices have been silenced. When you partner with World Relief, you join a movement of people that are best in class at advocating for and affecting lasting change in the lives of the unreached and most vulnerable populations.
– Jeff Ford, Director of Global Good, Cross Point Church

“We believe there is a biblical mandate to help the widows and orphans, or ‘the most vulnerable.’ We believe our work with World Relief does this. We are not just helping them survive, we are helping clients thrive! As a business owner I love it! Partnering with World Relief helps us see beyond our own safe world and give us more of a global perspective, which we believe God has called all Christians to.”
-Mark Berg

World Relief has a great team. It's our honor to partner with a group of folks who care for the world and see people in the ways that Jesus sees them.. [World Relief] brings dignity and flourishing and worth, and it's good stuff.
- Jeannette Yep, Pastor of Global and Regional Outreach, Grace Chapel

Don’t go through another year feeling exhausted, paralyzed and alone. Join us — a community of bold, compassionate people ready to move forward, take action and make lasting change together.

Here are just some of the things your money can do:

$25 // Provides materials and workbooks for a refugee or immigrant who enrolls in ESL classes.

$50 // Provides tutoring to an immigrant or refugee student giving them confidence to succeed in school.

$75 // Provides an hour of legal advice to a newly arriving refugee.

$90 // Provides a full tank of gas for transportation assistants to drive newly arriving individuals to medical appointments. 

$210 // Provides support for a newly arrived refugee to find a job so they can provide for their family. 

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