Our current internship opportunities are posted on our job board or on the local U.S. office websites

With over 40 offices worldwide, interning with World Relief is a great way to gain a deeper understanding of relief and development work.


World Relief Internships provide a three-month opportunity for exceptional students and recent graduates ready to explore a career in the domestic and international humanitarian sector. We are committed to providing interns with a meaningful learning experience where you are able to learn, grow and connect alongside other emerging professionals who are passionate about our mission.

Our current internship opportunities are posted on our job board or on the local U.S. office websites.

Learn: Take on challenging and meaningful work assignments while developing your technical skills and gaining valuable hands-on experience.

Grow: Participate in the work and service of the organization and grow as a professional. World Relief internships provide you the opportunity to explore a career while receiving coaching, mentorship, and more.

Connect: Form connections with a diverse intern cohort and build your professional network at an organization that stands with the vulnerable and partners with local churches to end the cycle of suffering, transform lives, and build sustainable communities.

Check out where Interns have worked in the past:

  • Accounting/Finance
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Refugee Resettlement
  • Refugee Employment Services
  • Community Outreach
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) Research
  • Humanitarian and Disaster Response
  • Monitoring & Evaluation
  • U.S. Programs Administration
  • Immigrant Legal Services
  • Advocacy & Policy
  • Integral Mission/Spiritual Formation
  • Grant Writing and Church Engagement


Internship opportunities are available in 20 U.S. cities and in a few of the 24 countries around the world where we serve. Our current internship opportunities are posted on our job board or on the local U.S. office websites.


Full-time and part-time opportunities are available (15-30 hours/week).


All World Relief internships are unpaid, but our programs are competitive because they provide a wealth of experience.


All candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • At least 18 years of age
  • Able to commit to a minimum of 15 hours per week
  • Current student or recent graduate from an undergraduate/graduate program (within 3 years)
  • Adhere to the Christian Statement of Faith required by all World Relief employees and agree to our mission, vision, and values

The Internship Program is competitive, and you are encouraged to approach it in the same way you would a job. Applicants are required to submit a cover letter, a resume, application, and to pass a criminal background check. Only complete applications will be considered.

Sample Internship Opportunities




Marketing & Communications Internship

Refugee Resettlement Internship



Administrative Assistant Internship

Donations Operations Internship

Immigration & Citizenship Assistant Internship

Marketing & Communications Internship

Refugee Advocate Internship

Refugee Employment Services Internship

Refugee Healthcare Services Internship

Refugee Resettlement Internship

Volunteer Management Internship



National Refugee Programs Internship

Preferred Communities & AmeriCorps Program Support Internship

Refugee & Immigration Advocacy Internship

Short-term Trips Coordinator (Volunteer)



Marketing & Communications Internship



Marketing & Communications Internship

Refugee Employment Services Internship

Refugee Preventative Health Internship

Refugee Resettlement Internship





Savings For Life Internship



Church Partnership & Business Development (Volunteer)


Have questions?

See our Intern FAQs


Still have questions?

Contact Us at 443-451-1900

A Quick Note

World Relief never solicits passport information or other personal data over the internet. World Relief does not charge application fees or processing fees to potential applicants. If you receive e-mail communications that appear to be from World Relief asking for personal data over the internet or payments to process an application, it is a scam. If you get such a request, do not respond. Please forward the e-mail to World Relief at jobs@wr.org.

Since logos, emblems, names and addresses can be easily copied or reproduced, you are advised to take particular care in applying for vacancies, including undertaking all appropriate measures to protect against the unauthorized use of any personal information you may have provided as a result of the scam. You may wish to also contact your local law enforcement agency to report the matter.


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