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Helping Our Afghan Allies

Together we can respond.

 Thousands of Afghan families are becoming increasingly vulnerable following the Taliban takeover.

Some of those facing the greatest danger are men and women whose association with the U.S. is now threatening their lives and the lives of their families.

Together we can respond. 

For Volunteers & Partners

If you’re like us, the situation in Afghanistan breaks your heart. It feels overwhelming, and it’s hard to see what you can do to help. Here’s the good news. When you join us today, you can.

For the last 20 years, World Relief has welcomed, befriended, advocated for and helped support thousands of Afghan immigrants in vulnerable situations in communities all across our nation. And we’ve done so with the help of bold and compassionate women and men just like you. 

Together, you can continue supporting Afghans in the United States, building communities of love and welcome where everyone can flourish.


With several Afghan families arrive, we desire to provide them with a community of support as they resettle in the Triad. Since the Triad doesn't have an established Afghan community, we are looking to build Good Neighbor Teams to come alongside these families.


You can seek justice and mercy for the most vulnerable, using your voices to influence those in positions of power who can save lives. We have an active Advocacy Action to Protect Vulnerable Afghans that needs bold and compassionate people like you.


As we anticipate the arrival of Afghan families in the Triad, we are working to increase funds to help provide services, resources for families, as well as increasing our staff's capacity to serve these individuals. If you would like to give to this effort to support our office, click the button below!

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