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Lent Prayer Guide: A Call to Give

What is Lent?

Lent is a time to reflect on the death and resurrection of Jesus. In this time of reflection, Lent is also a call to give up something for 40 days. We do this in order to not only become more aware of God’s presence in us, but to give in to who God is shaping us to be.

Lent feels more poignant this year. We are witnessing widespread suffering across the world and navigating many emotions in our own personal lives. Together we help hundreds of refugees and immigrants who fled their home and are now seeking safety, rebuilding their lives, and finding belonging in a new home. All this takes work and takes people – like you and me – coming together to acknowledge these realities and step forward into what God has for us.

There is a question that begs our attention. How is God calling you to give up, give in, and give out during this season of Lent?

A Season of Giving

The Lenten season is unique for Christians because it reminds us of what Jesus endured on our behalf. He suffered by being beaten and nailed to a cross, died in front of his family and loved ones, was buried in a tomb, and then was resurrected defeating sin once and for all.

The actions Christ displayed for us compels us to respond during this Lenten season. Here are four tangible ways you can enter into Lent with World Relief Chicagoland:

  1. Pray daily for refugees and immigrants in our community. Pray for those who are currently displaced all around the world.
  2. Learn from your friends, neighbors, and right here on World Relief Chicagoland’s blog about how you can welcome and walk alongside refugees and immigrants in your community.
  3. Give your time and resources to help refugees and immigrants rebuild their lives and flourish in their new home.
  4. Advocate for refugees and immigrants by contacting your elected officials.

As you can see, at World Relief Chicagoland this Lenten season is a call to reflect on giving. What is holding you back from seeing what you need to give up? How can you make space to intentionally reflect and give in to how God is moving? In what way will you give out in response to what God is doing through you?  

Download the Lent Prayer Guide: A Call to Give

For these reasons we created this Lent prayer guide for you. Through this guide you will join others throughout the World Relief community in daily prayer for refugee and immigrant neighbors. May this season of Lent be filled with giving up what is holding us back, giving in to what God has for us, and giving out what God pours into us.

More Resources to Pray with World Relief Chicagoland:

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