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Tatyana Sigidina, Ukranian Church Liaison

Hello, I am Tatyana Sigidina, and I joined the church team as Ukrainian Church Liaison in December 2022. I was born in Ukraine in a huge Christian family, the eighth child of eleven. After finishing high school and seven years of music school, I got a diploma for tailoring women’s clothing. 

In the 1990s, when the Soviet Union (USSR) dissolved, God opened the door for evangelism. After attending Donetsk Christian University, I went as a missionary to Russia and taught children at a public school for Bible Study and youth groups.  

I got married in 1997. God gave me a great husband, Oleg. A year later, we welcomed a first child into our lives who is hard of hearing. Two years later, we moved out of the country to the United States. On the first day living in US, I met people from World Relief who welcomed and took care of my family as we settled in Washington state. I now have three children: Lisa, David and Tim. 

My all-time favorite hobby is music and I took some college classes to complete an associate degree as a music teacher. For the past 15 years, I’ve taught  private music lessons.  

 When I came to America, one of my desires was to see all immigrants get a chance to experience welcome like I did when I got here. I am happy to be a part of the World Relief staff now, and I look forward to helping any refugees who have the same types of troubling situations in their country. I am ready and willing to open my heart to them as others have done for me.

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