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Volunteer Orientation 101


Caring, competent volunteers play an essential role in empowering refugees, survivors and immigrants to experience full integration into their new communities.

To prepare you for volunteering with World Relief, we require all prospective volunteers to watch the following videos and complete the corresponding knowledge assessment.

The three videos are designed to provide potential volunteers with information about World Relief and our work in the Triad area. We hope you find these videos informative and begin to get excited about volunteering with World Relief.

These videos cover the following:

  1. World Relief's Mission and Vision
  2. Who We Serve
  3. Goals, of Stability, Integration, and Transformation
  4. Programs and Services
  5. Volunteer Opportunities
  6. Example of Refugee Journey and Experience
  7. Impact and Importance of Community
  8. Volunteer Guidelines and Expectations
  9. Volunteer Program Team
  10. Member Contact Information


The videos total approximately 23 minutes.

After watching all three sessions, please complete the quiz at the bottom of the page. By completing the quiz, you are affirming you have watched the videos in their entirety.

What is the mission of World Relief?(Required)
Which of the following options describes the population served through World Relief?(Required)
Which option below is an appropriate example of a volunteer practicing confidentiality?(Required)

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