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Updates on President Biden’s Immigration / Refugee Executive Orders & Day 1 Immigration Bill

Below are the Executive Orders signed by President Biden that affect refugees and other immigrants, and/or the work of World Relief. To view the full list of Executive Orders and actions, click here.


Repeal Muslim Ban​: rescinds Muslim Ban and directs State Department to restart visa processing

Border Wall Proclamation​: Terminates national emergency and halts obligation of funds for wall construction; directs a pause in ongoing constriction as soon as possible but no later than within 7 days

Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) for Liberians:​ Reinstate DED and work authorization for Liberians (which expired January 10)

DACA​: Directs DHS and DOJ to take all actions they deem appropriate to preserve and fortify DACA

Census​: Rescinds Trump EO and PM on excluding non-citizens from the census

Rescind Trump Executive Order on Immigration Enforcement​, cleaning the way for Removal Moratorium(see below)

Removal Moratorium​: This DHS Secretary memo directs a review of immigration enforcement policies, interim priorities, and a 100-day pause on most removals

Send immigration bill to Congress


COVID-19 Mask Mandate Executive Order​: Directs Agencies to require mask wearing and other public health practices for federal workers, in federal buildings, and on federal lands

Safe Travel Executive Order:​ Directs agencies to implement public health measures on certain public modes of transportation (airports, aircraft, trains, public maritime vessels, intercity buses, and all forms of public transportation); directs agencies to act within 14 days to require that any person who seeks to board a flight to the U.S. from foreign country is required to provide a proof of a recent negative COVID-19 rest prior to departure

Global Health PPD​: Directs Agencies to strengthen efforts to combat COVID-19 globally and strengthen global pandemic preparedness

Testing/Workforce Executive Order:​ Creates Pandemic Test Board and directs HHS to support states’ efforts to deploy public health personnel to combat COVID-19

Treatment Executive Order​: Directs actions to support research into novel COVID-19 treatment, secure an adequate supply, and promote equitable distribution

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