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God’s Provision from Mariupol to Chicago

Ludmila escaped Mariupol in Eastern Ukraine. She came to the U.S. in April 2023 and has received support from our staff in DuPage. Her words of faith in the midst of chaos — she was among 350,000 people who fled her city – are an inspiration. Like many immigrants, Ludmila brings vibrant Christian faith to her new community. With your support, we work together to help brave people like her know they belong and are valued. Here’s Ludmila’s story. You can also watch the video interview here.

Faith and Miracles  
I am 80 years old. I’ve known God for 26 years. One thing I regret is not coming to him sooner because only in him do I find peace and hope for myself. He is the foundation of my life.  

I am from Mariupol. My house has been destroyed. It does not exist anymore. If I had stayed in Mariupol, I don’t think I would be alive right now. Mostly because I have diabetes and need insulin to survive. Only by a miracle, I was able to leave Mariupol and at the exact moment when I was already running out of insulin. Once they helped me leave, I was able to get more. It may seem like nothing, but my life depends on it. Without my insulin, I would maybe live for about a week.

God’s Provision in Displacement
In the beginning, I wanted [the war in my city] to end as quickly as possible. Once I started to realize that it was not going to end, I started to have hope in the church. Only faith in God gave me hope. I feel as though anything that I can ever need, I will have. Traveling around Ukraine [after fleeing Mariupol], the people that I met made me feel like I was part of the family. As though they knew me for years. 

Welcome and New Life
My niece who already lived in America for a while recommended World Relief. I didn’t know exactly what it was about, but I prayed and took a chance. Then I decided to fly here. The organization was extremely helpful. The people at the church welcomed me with open arms. I’ve received a ton of help regarding my health, and I’m learning English.

To people who suffer right now, I would tell them to have faith in the Lord. If not for him, I don’t know if I ever would have known that an organization like this exists. They even offered us an apartment to live in, rent free.

To donors and supporters of World Relief Chicagoland, I would say you are doing so much for everyone! You are able to give hope to those who need it. I have never felt alone or unwelcome here. I have met my truest brothers and sisters in Christ.

Thank you for your presence and support in creating change that lasts for refugees and other immigrants in vulnerable situations. Your gifts make a difference for strong and inspiring people like Ludmila.

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